About me


Hello, my name is Jade, I am the writer behind Coultons crafts blog wesbite. I also own and run Coultons Crafts online store, selling handmade and designed jewellery for kids and adults, along with handmade kids bows on my Instagram and Facebook pages but you will also find makes for just crafty fun. I love to write. So, I am going to write, write and write a bit more. I want this page to be more focused on lifestyle blogs and my general rambles! However, it will also be linked to my Instagram and Facebook accounts offering tutorials on my craft work. I am a mother to a child under one, engaged, in the retail industry, a part time student and new found blogger. I have only recently, since becoming a mother, started to experiment with craft work. I am not the greatest at it but I am practicing all sorts of projects to improve as time goes on. My passion is writing, every and any pieces of writing. I hope you enjoy my blogs because all I want to do is be honest, natural and myself! Xx