Review: The Glittery hands box

I am writing this post as my ever review and true to the nature of my blog, it is craft related and extra special because I entered a competition and won the first ever subscription box from The glittery hands box company. I was so excited and overwhelmed as I never win anything! So, firstly thank you very much Emma and here it is my take on your box of goodness and glitter of course.

The Glittery hands box 

What is the glittery hands box? The glittery hands box is a monthly subscription of surprise craft supplies. Each month the box is themed differently, containing craft tools, craft supplies and of course glitter and sequins that are hand mixed to suit the months theme. All contents are either handmade or chosen by Emma. The box is offered in a variety of options – on going subscriptions, 3 months, 6 months and one offs, to view option prices click here

Who is behind the glittery hands box? Emma is the owner and creator of the glittery hands box, a craft blogger and jewellery maker. Who enjoys crafting, making, upcycling and adding glitter to all sorts in her life. Emma wanted to provide crafters with sassy and bold craft supplies in one pretty package that came from the UK.

Aprils box – Mermaid Lagoon 

A childhood favourite of loving Disneys ‘The little mermaid’ has given me a forever love of mermaid memorably. So, how excited was I to receive a surprise in a theme that I have always adored.

imageThe box arrived within a day of being sent out and arrived beautifully packaged.

   The contents of the box


The following were all designed by the owner: • 2 illustrated mermaid patterned pages •A colouring in sheet •stickers •card shapes that are mermaid themed • hand mixed glitter and sequins

• ALSO in the box was iron on glitter letters, an ink pad, acrylic paint, rainbow tear drop pins, glitter heart buttons, an anchor motif, a clear hair slide and a nautical anchor clear stamp.

Wowza all this loveliness in one box and I loved the quote flash card saying “Keep your thigh gap, I’ve got mermaid thighs” Yep, I am one of those women in the no thigh gap club lol.

imageI will be using my rainbow tear drop pins straight away for my jewellery making but also because I love the cuteness of them! Idea alert – I am going to frame the flash card and put it in my bedroom, a unique limited edition print that was only available to the subscribers of the box can be a forever keepsafe in your home.

imageAs a fellow crafter I love making and buying handmade crafts. The illustration in these papers are cool and quirky along with the hand mixed glitter and sequins. I have a little craft project buzzing in my head. I will show case my mermaid make under the requested hashtag #glitteryhandsbox

imageWith the remaining contents of the box, I shall be customising the clip for my summer holiday, the iron on glitter letters are going on a denim jacket because when the sun is out … the denim jacket comes out or you can iron them onto a fabric bag. The paint will go into my paint collection for use at a later date and I am overly excited to use the anchor stamp and ink pad because I have never actually used these crafting tools before.

This is a must have subrcription box for crafters, that is offering bold, quirky and cool crafting goods that will give your craft projects a funky edge. I am definitely looking forward to May’s subscription going live to sign up for the next box with a new theme for the month and a surprise parcel landing on my door stop full of crafting goodies!

Where to find The glittery hands box:

Website: The Glittery hands box

Instagram: @glitteryhandsbx

Twitter: @glitteryhandsbx

Youtube: theseglitteryhands

Jade X

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