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Coultons Crafts is open for business

I have really debated with the idea of opening up my own business for months now. I have had so many ideas, to then research the market and bam it’s already out there, no space for my brand! I have questioned if I was to launch, how would I make my brand unique from other brands? I can only make the brand unique by putting myself and my own style, loves, likes and interests into the product designs.

While I have was on maternity leave I was experimenting with all sorts of craft projects and found that I enjoy making jewellery. My job is a retail operations manager selling costume jewellery for a high street brand but I never thought I would like the design and production side of my role as I am from the front of house retail. However, I found myself designing and making customised bracelets as gifts for family and then my friends starting requesting custom pieces.

Designed and handmade by Coultons Crafts for my nan as a special Mother’s Day gift.

I am taking the plunge and have decided to start selling handmade jewellery that my mum and I have designed and made along with handmade bows. Which, will be sold under the Coultons Crafts brand. We are offering uniquely designed and handmade bracelets for children (girls) and handmade bows as gifts or as favours for birthday party goodie bags. Soon we will also be offering handmade funky gift bags for children’s orders to add that special touch.

It’s just not all about the kiddies though! I will also be designing and handmaking adults jewellery, with limited edition designs. I have launched two lines so far, our pretty princess bracelet and ‘choose your own name’ line letting the customer chose a name of their choice to be personalised onto the bracelet. To give you some ideas, you can choose your name, your child(ren) name(s), a pets name, a nickname, a date of birth, or give as gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christenings and so much more, the list is endless.

Pink isn’t for everyone, my favourite colour is black closley followed by pink and red but as I said I wanted to put an essence of my myself into the product. I like pink, I wanted pink and the products look pretty damn good in pink! To view our full range of products and past makes click the below links.

Instagram – @coultonscrafts

Facebook – Coultons Crafts

You can order either by direct message on Instagram/Facebook or email unfortunately the order book is only open to UK residents at present. A website will be coming soon too.

We hope you like our products so far with many more designs to come over the coming weeks. If you have ordered don’t be shy, upload some piccys wearing Coultons Crafts and tag us in and hashtag #coultonscrafts so we can view and re-gram on our social media sites as a special  ✨As seen on✨ post.

Jade x

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