10 facts about me

Hello, lately I have seen a lot of posts from bloggers and brands providing factual information about themselves. I really enjoy reading these posts especially if that person has a blog or brand/shop because it reminds their audience/customer that they are a HUMAN being and not just a robot that is typing away behind a keyboard.

I am very guilty of not putting my face to my brand name. So, here I am,  my name is Jade the owner and founder behind Coultons Crafts.

10 facts about me – some are just random rambles

  1. I am a retail operations manager for a jewellery company.
  2. I use to hate coffee up until about 2 years ago but I can safely say I fucking love it now! I am totally addicted but coffee is the ONLY thing that gets me through my day wth a 11 month old baby running circles around me.
  3. I love chocolate, I would happily swap meals to eat chocolate all day but since having my daughter, my body has stuck it’s 2 fingers up at me for the years of chocolate abuse and I now put weight on quicker then before and while I was pregnant.
  4. I am book worm – not the romantic novels but something with danger, crime and SEX add in some humour as well.
  5. I am not the greatest crafter – ironic yes, as I run a craft blog but my work is getting better. As I say #practicemakesperfect
  6. My favourite colour is black closely followed by pink and red.
  7. I actually never wanted kids but I accidentally fell pregnant with my daughter, she is a whoops baby haha but I would never change it for the world now.
  8. I am engaged and my partner proposed to me last year in Paris, such a beautiful city. Ironic again – As I am not the romantic type but this proposal was perfect, in the privacy of just us two with food and champagne.
  9. I am overly organised – I have a to do list for every aspect of my life, work and socially. I have a list for a list!
  10. My favourite meal is a roast dinner.

When I started writing this post, I had to stop half way through and come back to it. I realised I am quite a boring person when you have to write facts about yourself in black and white but above are some facts about myself, more to come at a later date.

Jade x

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