One line a day

I am big fan of note books/pads, dairies, planners, organisers and to do lists, I literally have a list of things to do for absolutely everything but I have never had a journal. I have never wanted one in all honesty, I have never wanted my feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences- basically my life in black and white printed forever.

It is kind of ironic saying the above, as I created and write on my own blog for the virtual world to view. Which, is far more dangerous than a journal that is kept at home for your own privacy because the content online seems to last forever and beyond from re-blogs, snap shots, shares, comments. On a tiny or large screen on numerous devices is the boogie man of your life, there is no escape from it. However, on my blog I have the power to choose what I want to publish and I have the power to delete the entire account and history along with deleting and blocking content from users.

I came across this type of journal on a friends Instagram account and read on her blog Nomad seeks home to why she had bought one. Click here to view the post and I loved the idea of it. This type of journal isnt about writing down hundreds of words with descripted details but purely one line a day, a memory a day. Which, you can to compare and relive year on year.

I choose to buy this journal because of my daughter, she is growing up so fast and she is experimenting and experiencing life in a blink of an eye that I feel like I am forgetting memories as quickly as they happen. I want to write down the laugh out loud moments, her cheekiness, all of her firsts and so much more about her. Even write lines for myself a few reminders of my life the good, the bad and the really ugly! Again what I choose to write.

The journal is a one line a day, memory book over 5 years and was bought from eBay for £11.97 but do compare prices on amazon, eBay, other online stationery shops and local book stores.

One line a day – What would you write?

4 thoughts on “One line a day

  1. I’m a fan of writing in notebooks too! 🙂 This little memory book looks so lovely. I tend to write a lot so I don’t think I would actually use it, but it seems like a great gift for my friends.
    Ah, motherhood is such a blessing ❤ Hope you get to fill in lots of great memories.
    ~Warm wishes


    1. Hello, I love notebooks I would be lost without them. The journal is lovely and such a good idea. I would definitely recommend it as a gift. My mum saw my post and asked for one for her birthday and she is going to buy my grandmother one too. Yes motherhood is a blessing and I want to remember as much as I can and with this it will be great to compare years. Thank you Maemi best wishes too.

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    1. Hey, thank you for the advice. When I bought the journal, I assumed that writing a sentence per day would be easy but the last few days I have to say I am struggling. I have literally just
      written about moments with my daughter. I am actually looking forward to a year on year read.


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