In with the new

This year I said to myself “To try new things” I haven’t got a list or any specific aims but when an opportunity arises, I am going to convince/push myself to try it. What do I have to lose? Absolutely NOTHING! This is not about New Years resolutions or goals but simply to take a journey into my interests, widen my life experiences, confirm my likes and dislikes and embrace my life more.

My journey so far 2016 

  1. I set up my Instagram account late last year and I felt that my images weren’t great at tall. This year I decided to develop my photography skills (I have none – my skills are pants) but by taking images within better lighting and using apps to change the effects, I am definitely making some improvements. However, I think this will be an on going challenge, as I am crap at photography.
  2. I decided to create my own blog web page and it’s a fucking miracle that it is actually live. The confusion in setting this up nearly brought me to tears – a few times. A big thank you Google  for your help, your a star!
  3. I created my own Facebook page for the Coultons Crafts website to share news and updates on my blogs. Go and give my page a like 👍 Click on the link Coultons Crafts Facebook page
  4. I wrote a submission article to a magazine to be featured, wish me luck.
  5. I wrote a feature blog post on Selfish Mother website. Check it out and click on the link to view my feature, a like would be nice too 🙂 My year is up
  6. To do – Has anyone heard of Clubbercise? Apparently they are exercise classes, where you workout to easy peasy dance moves to dance/club music with glow sticks. This is my next challenge to overcome and try, to attend a class on my own. I love music and dancing. So, I am hoping for it to be fun minus the alcohol (I can dance the night away with no hangover YAY!) and lose some of the baby weight.

In my earlier post I quoted “A change can only happen if you make it happen” I want the change, I will the change and I need the change.

Keep posted for the updates on my journey in the post In with the new #2

Jade/Coultons Crafts x

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