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Living the dream career or chasing the dream career?

In my current career, I am a retail operations manager, I have been in the retail industry since I was 16 and progressed from the lowest role of a sales assistant to a retail operations manager. Through my own dedication to aspire over the last 9 years but I was not always career minded. My first few jobs, I let my personal life override my professional life and didn’t take my career seriously at tall. You could say I pissed about and was unfocused. I now trive off of the challenge and achievement of progressing within my career and building a professional status.

One of the easiest jobs to fall into is the retail industry. I have seen so many individuals choose a retail role because it’s the easiest option to gain employment.

The majority of retail workers begin as a part timer while they are studying. However, its the kind of industry that sucks the life out of you and you eventually become stuck in a rut.

The individuals I have came across within the retail industry

  1. The individuals who have the qualifications in a field but no work experience, making their desired career that much harder to gain employment in and a job is better than no job.
  2. The individuals that are lazy, who are earning a consistent minimum wage to pay their monthly bills and their aspirations to progress are only words with no action. So, they stay put, in the hopes of something better coming along but continue to moan constantly about the customers, managers and loathe every part of their job on a daily basis! You have to make a change for a change to happen.
  3. Don’t get me wrong there are a few individuals that are content in the retail industry because it suits their  home lives and circumstances. Plus Lidl and Iceland pay good hourly rates.
  4. Some exceptions within the retail industry can see the opportunity to progress as a professional individual and develop up the hierarchy of the organisation to build a career status and liveable salary (not in all cases with the salary)

However, I am lost. It’s a simple yet indescribable word, LOST! Yes I have an established career within the retail industry because I worked hard to progress to where I am but this isn’t my dream career and what I want to practice for the rest of my life.

In all honesty I do not know what career I want to be in for the rest of my life. One of my dreams has always been to become an author. However, realism kicks in to the reality of would I become published and successful? Truthfully no not yet. I don’t feel educated or experienced enough and becoming published is not that easy. I have unfinished manuscripts where I am lacking the inspiration to finish them. I need a boost of confidence or a great story that will change the world before I take that leap.

I wish I could re-wind time to attend school again and actually study and gain some qualifications at the age of 19. At present I am furthering my CPD in HR Pratice at college part time because I have an interest within this field but again … it’s not my desired rest of my life career.

I am just assuming here but are my elders reading this and saying “your 25! of course you don’t have any idea what career you want to be, your still to young” while shaking there heads at the mare thought of my ambition to be an established professional within my personal chosen field at 25.

Sometimes I wonder if I am going to be lost forever …. With the other lost career souls! Waiting to find that inspiration to actually make a decision on what career I want to be in for the rest of my life.

“A change can only happen if you make it happen” 

Jade/Coultons Crafts

2 thoughts on “Living the dream career or chasing the dream career?

  1. Story of my life! I can’t tell you what my picture perfect dream career is mostly because every time I get a new start, I’m like “oh this is great” and then it turns into “well this is getting old.” I’m 25 too and I feel the pressure. I wish I had more encouragement but I don’t think this “adult” this gets any easier. (I think the universe is testing us)


    1. Hey, glad to hear it’s just not me. I agree with the pressure more so from myself then others and it doesn’t get any easier because as time goes on we age too (A pessimistic prospective as we are only 25! Haha) I just think I am being inpatient and especially since becoming a mother, I feel I am at the age to be established in my dream or ideal career rather than still be undecided and lost. Well we both need to have a word with the universe to give us a sign Ha! Or we can just trust that better is yet come 🙂

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