Valentine’s Day Giveaway

When I was pregnant and I found out we were having a girlie, my mum and I were so excited. We had a pre-planned list of handmade items to make but the possibilities became endless especially for a girl!

My mum started to make handmade, bow clips, bow headbands and matching bracelets for my little lady. My daughter, literally has a different bow for every day of the week, every month, in all different sizes and colours. As well as seasonal themes – Halloween, Christmas, valentines etc that are displayed on her handmade bow holders that are also made by my mum.

So, we decided to launch a free giveaway, to my followers on Instagram and to welcome new followers to my page.


For your chance to win this matching bow clip and bracelet set for your little girl, head over to my Instagram page

Rules to enter –

  1. Like the post
  2. Follow my account
  3. Regram/share the image tagging in @coultonscrafts and use the hashtag #coultonscraftsvalentines
  4. If your account is private, please state in the comments box.

*********UK ENTRIES ONLY********

The winner will be picked at random. The closing date is Thursday the 4th of February. The bracelet will also be personalised to the name provided by the winner and the items will be shipped in time for Valentine’s Day.

This giveaway is not endorsed by Instagram, just for fun because we love bows, bracelets and handmade goodies.

Good luck to every that enters and if you haven’t already, go and enter if you live in the UK!

Love Coultons Crafts. Xx

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. Congratulations! 😀 So many tiny bows made with so much love from Grandma ❤ I'm not a UK resident but I am now following your blog. The set looks really lovely; All the best to participants!


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