Craft tutorial

Initial button canvas tutorial – I love buttons!

I love Pinterest but it can be sooo dangerous for a crafter! You end browsing through posts and saying “Ooohh I love this, and I like this and I like that” until you end up with a craft to do list longer than your housework list. I saw a beautiful post of an initial letter made soley out of buttons in a picture frame. So, I decided to attempt it myself for my baby’s room and make it a lovely keep safe.

#take1 My first attempt – I used a template letter V for a guideline. I then started to experiment without glue, placing the buttons over the template to cover the shape and create a look. On card, I then glued each button down individually, as you can see I got way to glue happy and ended up getting glue everywhere! Tip – less is more when using glue. I also, started to freestyle and go off track basically making the finished result, look like a clumpy mess and totally crap!!

#take1 – The failed attempt

#take2 My second attempt – I freestyled again … Risky business! But I ditched the template, changed the card to a canvas, created the V with fewer buttons and created an easier shape to the letter, to emphasis a more simple and classic look. Wowza! Done! Imaginary isn’t great, I must learn to take better photos!

#take2 final piece

Materials –

  • Canvas of any size
  • letter template – Optional
  • Buttons – An assortment of sizes
  • Glue


Happy crafting! X


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