Confused, stressed and a big “Hello”


A friend advised me that a WordPress blog would be hard to set up, use and work with! … She was RIGHT!

I can safely say, I did not like setting up this page, especially late on a Friday night ( I should of been sleeping as my baby wakes up at 5am! But at 1am I was still in the thick of it) and all day today. I went through the process of buying my domain and of course true to my indecisive nature, I backed out at the last minute and do you know what happened … word press created it anyway. It was under a different domain name because I clicked the wrong button or clicked to many buttons! What ever the hell happened, I ended up with the account but not the domain I wanted. So, as it is, the fates left me with no choice but to buy the domain and start the set up of my personal blog!


I hated it and I hated it some more, setting up the format, pages, links, etc! There were so many menu’s and icons to click on to set up this page! I was confused… and a few “fuck, fucks, fucksake’s” later it’s here, it’s live!

My name is Jade, I am a mum, partner, daughter, friend, etc! An ex career woman (lying – on maternity leave and shall be returning to my career this year) student, and new found blogger because I love writing.


Wish me luck on my blogging journey. X

3 thoughts on “Confused, stressed and a big “Hello”

  1. Take your time. There’s a lot WordPress has to offer, that’s why it feels like a lot of work. Don’t rush it, because you’ll learn its ropes soon enough πŸ™‚ Aside from that, happy blogging, Jade!


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